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Completely amazing Baroque hall at the University of Wroclaw.


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I stepped out this morning for cheesecake with toffee sauce and a scaldingly hot milk coffee at a beautiful little cafe.

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This morning, stop-over in Dusseldorf en route to Wroclaw.

Dadahaus, originally uploaded by kitschenette.

At Cabaret Voltaire, dadahaus, on Saturday for – finally! – our book launch. Yes, that is a skinned cat over the fireplace.

I’m packing my bags and flying away to Poland for a week for work. Trying to sort out childcare stuff for the time I am away – what a nightmare. It’s almost easier not to go. I need a PA to sort out all my crap for me! Any takers?

I’m experiencing a strange sense of déjà vu – is it 1999, or 2010? Because I’m home alone, I’m eating a lot of cheese on toast, drinking cups and cups of coffee, not bothering to do the dishes or tidy up, don’t have anywhere I need to go, stayed up super late and got up mid-morning, and there are large stacks of books on my desk waiting for me to digest the contents and write something…

It’s like the family I acquired in the last decade doesn’t exist anymore, at least for the next few days. Bruno’s parents have taken the kids to the mountains for a few days and Bruno is staying out in Basel all week doing his round of farewell drinks and things before he finally leaves. So I am home alone, procrastinating writing essays. However disconcertingly familiar it feels, I have to remind myself that this situation is merely temporary, and that by Friday we will be back to our usual hectic pace of things to do, places to go etc etc. So I am enjoying every minute of this drifting state of inertia.

Zaha Hadid Fire Station, originally uploaded by kitschenette.

The Zaha Hadid Fire Station @ the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein.

I went out to the Vitra Campus on Friday morning for a fleeting visit and morning coffee with Bruno. Unfortunately I only had my tiny camera, and even that was running low on batteries, so I could only take a few hasty shots around the campus. It is rather amazing out there. Note to self – must do the architecture tour!

Some days it’s an effort to even hold my shoulders up, let alone stand, walk around, talk and do all the things that an everyday-day requires…

Yesterday was one of those days. Oppressive heat, drowning levels of humidity, a to-do list 10 metres long. Strangely, I felt the lack of energy in the inside of my elbows – could barely hold my arms and shoulders up. Weird feeling but that’s the only way I can describe it. The weather reminded me of exactly why I left Australia – too hot to move, too hot to think, too hot to even lie listlessly on the sofa, every conversation dominated by the weather (and here I am still talking about it).

There was promise of a storm, but what came was a pathetic excuse for a thunderstorm, certainly not justifying the putting away of garden furniture and tying down of all lightweight items. However, it did rain rather heavily most of the night, so we woke up this morning to a blessed coolness. Hallelujah – I just can’t function in the heat.

I’m juggling work tasks and end-of-school-year obligations. Thank god it is holidays at the end of the week!